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The Subways LJ Community

Oct. 10th, 2008

03:50 pm - Subways Interview

Really informative interview with Billy Lunn of the Subways here: http://popwreckoning.wordpress.com/2008/10/10/interview-with-billy-lunn-of-the-subways/

He talks about the band, surgery, break up, drinking habits, etc.

May. 17th, 2007

06:00 pm

as The Subways get more and more recognized every day, do you think it's possible that sometime soon [if not this year *crosses fingers*] they come to mexico or at least latin america??? I FUCKING HOPE THEY DO!!

tell me what you think about that darlings!

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05:45 pm

hey there people!!
i just joined, and i also just saw this community is a little dead.... come on guys, we can do so much better than this!!

well, i'll do my part and share a pic with you:

and does anyone know when billy got his mohawk?? i think it's really rad how they're always changing!

:katia: /m/

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Jan. 5th, 2007

01:49 pm

So what's new with these guys? Haven't heared much about them. All I know is that they are working on their new album.

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Oct. 5th, 2006

07:05 pm - Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, OHH!

Okay. So I was reading the new issue of SPIN magazine and they have a section for the bands and artists playing Lollapoluza (?). So as we all know the Subs played it. But that's not the point. In the pic CHARLOTTE CHANGED HER HAIR COLOUR!! It looks great! She coloured it to a strawberry browm colour. It looks pretty cool but I do miss her blond locks.

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Sep. 21st, 2006

02:56 pm - Help the Subways win a Woodie Award!

The Subways have been nominated for the International Woodie award!

Voting is in full effect and the competition is tough so the Subways need our help to ensure that they take home the Woodie! You can vote as many times as you want here but voting ends October 28th so get to it.

 By voting you will also enter in the "Vote Your Way to the Woodies" contest to win a chance to attend the mtvU Woodies in person in New York Tell all of your friends, family and neighbors to vote, let’s really show our support for the Subways!

Again, the voting page is http://woodies.mtvu.com 


Aug. 2nd, 2006

10:54 am

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Billy set to make full recovery! The Subways return to touring next week!

Billy has now been in for a follow up appointment with the doctor and to the bands delight he has been informed that, though not completely gone, his vocal nodules have shown "vast improvement" !! He has therefore been given the go ahead to re start touring at the end of June. The band have therefore taken up an offer to support Taking Back Sunday on their fabulous North American summer tour.

The band have had a chance to write, record and rest over the last 2 months but they have really missed being on the road and are delighted that they are close to getting back to what they love most !!

All dates are now up on the bands tour page.

Have a fantastic summer!!!

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May. 24th, 2006

06:20 pm

You guys have got to watch this. It's so funny (and pretty cute too).


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Apr. 27th, 2006


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London, England: The Subways have been forced to cancel their upcoming North American Spring tour due to the fact that vocalist/guitarist Billy Lunn has developed nodules on his vocal chords. Billy is currently being treated and doctors have advised treatment and rest without singing. Doctors are optimistic and are hoping for a full recovery in about 6 weeks. The band are incredibly disappointed but promised to return to the U.S. again this summer. We hope to have new tour details ready for release shortly. In the meantime, “Oh Yeah,” will be the next single from The Subways’ debut album, YOUNG FOR ETERNITY, which will hit airwaves in May.

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Apr. 15th, 2006

09:01 pm - Pictures...Ya!

Here are some pics from The Subways concert back in mid-March (I think it was the 10th). Please keep in mind that these were taken on a camera phone.

Enjoy!Collapse )

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